Points Prizes

There are even more benefits to joining KCSA than just ushering shows! For every show you usher, you earn two points. For every general meeting you attend or every recruitment event you help us staff, you earn one point. You must sign in for these points to be properly logged. The more points you earn, the earlier you receive the link to sign up for shows. 

Points Needed for Early Access to Sign Up During Registration Week:

Monday: 30+ points
Tuesday: 20-29 points
Wednesday: 10-19 points
Thursday: 1-9 points
Friday: 0 points/New Members

Redeem your points for these prizes and KCPA- and KCSA-branded items in Promenade Showcase and Gift Shop! You will not lose any privileges for early show access.

Point Total Merchandise
5 points Personalized Name Tag

(name will be added accordingly)

20 points Choose one of the following:

    • KCPA or SOM Lanyard
    • KCPA Mini Notebook
    • KCPA or SOM Popsocket
    • KCPA Magnet or Sticker

30 points Choose one of the following:

    • KCPA/ELLNORA Pint Glass
    • KCPA Journal
    • KCPA Winter Cap or Scarf

40 points Choose one of the following:

    • KCPA or KCSA T-Shirt
    • KCPA Coffee Mug (ceramic)
    • KCPA To-Go Mug or Water Bottle