Mission & History

KCSA Mission Statement

The purpose of the organization is to promote and unify the Center, campus, and community by celebrating the power of the arts to reflect and affect our increasingly diverse world. We focus on supporting and engaging with the arts through events and activities that bring together those who appreciate the arts throughout Krannert Center for the Performing Arts (KCPA), at the University of Illinois, and in our community.


KCSA was formed in 1969 to serve the University of Illinois and Krannert Center. In the course of our history, members have led many tours, ushered over 300 performances per year, and worked on backstage technical crews for numerous Krannert Center events and productions. KCSA has also produced a variety of special events, including Taste of the Arts (focusing on RSOs in the arts), Festival of Lights (a multi-cultural holiday celebration), International Festival (aka iFest, a celebration of art from cultures around the world), and Arts in the Ike.

Currently, KCSA’s focus has shifted towards increasing members’ awareness and understanding of Krannert Center through tours, guest lectures, social events, and other activities. KCSA is always changing and looking for the next opportunity to support the arts and provide more ways to get students involved at the Krannert Center.

Why Krannert Center?

Perhaps at this point you are wondering why you should spend your time at Krannert Center instead of somewhere else. Well, for one thing, the Center is ranked among the top five performing arts centers in the world and it is the only one of the five affiliated with an educational institution. By getting involved with KCSA you have the chance to see these shows for free! Krannert Center has something for everyone—music, dance, theatre, or simply volunteering to benefit the community—we have it all. So come join us!