KCSA AdBoard


The Administrative Board (AdBoard) oversees the operations of all the departments in KCSA, as well as offering advice, planning events, working with Krannert Center staff, and collaborating with other student groups with the common goal of promoting the arts on the UIUC campus.

Who are we?

The KCSA AdBoard consists of enthusiastic KCSA members who want to become more involved and perhaps even gain some experience in running an arts organization.  The AdBoard plans events, organizes committees, and leads the various activities for KCSA.  We have members who are students ranging from freshmen to graduate students, from all majors including engineering, sciences, liberal arts, business, and fine arts.  We all share a love for the performing arts and a passion to bring the arts to the students of the University and the community members of Champaign-Urbana.

Joining AdBoard

If you have ever enjoyed a show at Krannert Center, given a tour, designed a t-shirt, or thought of ways that KCSA could be improved; or if you’re a motivated, creative, and organized leader with a commitment to the arts, then you are exactly the kind of person we want on the Adboard.  This rewarding experience allows you to mold the future of KCSA!

As an AdBoard member you will have opportunities to improve and develop leadership skills, gain experience working among a diverse group of people with differing view points, and become more involved in one of the most rewarding organizations on campus.  You will be instrumental in broadening the experiences of the KCSA general members, and you will learn skills that will help you for the rest of your life.  You will meet many of the Krannert staff and will have the opportunity to work with them directly.  It’s also just a great way to make friends who love the arts as much as you do!

Eligibility/what we’re looking for

Any student that has been a member of KCSA for at least one semester is eligible to apply for AdBoard.  We typically recruit in the spring (for starting in the fall), but if you join KCSA in the fall and are interested in starting on AdBoard during the spring, we’d be happy to consider!

When you apply, we are also looking for certain qualities in potential Administrative Board members.  These include, but are not limited to:

  • Love of the performing arts and the Krannert Center for the Performing Arts
  • Strong motivation to do their very best
  • Awareness and sensitivity when working with a diverse group of people
  • Passion for learning and new experiences
  • Conscientious, hard-working, and responsible
  • Positive attitude and ability to work through difficult situations

We are aware that not everyone will have leadership experience, especially second semester freshmen.  Please do not let this stop you from applying, as we will consider every applicant in terms of his or her capability.  We expect you to learn a lot on the Administrative Board and to develop these skills for the future!  You have just as good a chance of showing what you can do as anyone else.

Time commitment

AdBoard members are expected to regularly attend General Meetings as well as separate board meetings.  In addition, depending on your position, you may be spending time in the Patron Services Office doing general KCSA office work or staffing tables at recruitment/engagement events.  We try to be flexible in our scheduling, but ultimately need members to be able to commit about 3-4hrs every week, including meetings and time doing work on your own.  (This commitment increases if you’re on the Executive Board—President, VP, etc.)

If you are concerned about what exactly is expected of you, please contact us.  The time commitment is considerable, but we are all students and we know that academics come first.  Most Administrative Board members do not have a problem keeping up with both schoolwork and KCSA obligations.  In fact, we find it to be one of the most rewarding experiences of our college careers, and we love having the opportunities to participate in so much of what Krannert and KCSA do.

Application procedure

The application process starts in the spring semester, typically in February or March.  The process consists of two steps:

  1. The application itself: We will send it out by email and post it to our social media accounts.  We usually give members a couple of weeks before the due date.
  2. The interview: All applicants will be scheduled for an interview with the current KCSA Administrative Board.  Interviews typically take about 10-15 minutes.

During the application, you may run for as many positions as you would like to be considered for on KCSA’s Administrative Board.  Just be sure to fill out all of the appropriate sections!

We interview applicants to try to get to know them better and give them a chance to tell us about themselves.  Interviews are informal and open-ended, often centering on figuring out where you’d fit best in our board.  The whole interview will take about 10-15 minutes.  You will be notified about the results by email over the next couple days.  If you still have not been notified in three days, then e-mail us at kcsarocks@gmail.com.