Current AdBoard

Madeleine Cummings / Co-lead

Sophomore / Majoring in Linguistics

Hi, I’m Maddie! I got involved with KCSA because of my love for the arts and desire to do what I could to help them thrive on campus. I’m also involved with the Illini Student Musicals on the marketing team and working on graphic design for their semester shows.

Kyu Hong Kim / Co-lead, Website, and Database

Freshman / Majoring in Computer Science and Music

Hey, I’m Kyu! During my first semester here, I spent a lot of time at Krannert between attending rehearsals and performances, all of which I really enjoyed, so joining the Adboard was a no-brainer. I’ve been playing jazz piano since high school and have recently started exploring music production as well. I’ve been active in the music scene here as a member of Hip-Hop Collective, Improvisers Exchange, and the weekly jazz jam sessions at the Rose Bowl Tavern.

Cedric Mathew, Treasurer

Sophomore, majoring in Electrical Engineering

I’m Cedric, and I joined KCSA as a way to keep up to date on what was happening at Krannert, if anything was happening, during our COVID semesters. I was always very heavily involved with the arts throughout high school and I used this RSO as an opportunity to stay a part of the community by guaranteeing that I will be ushering and helping out with Krannert performances and events once things start returning to normal. I’m so excited to be on the KCSA Board this year especially during the start of the new year!

Toby Kutz, Secretary

Junior / Majoring in Anthropology

Hi, I’m Toby (they/them). This is my first year with the KCSA Adboard and I couldn’t be more excited! I have always loved attending musicals, plays, and other events at Krannert, so joining was something that made sense in my life. I joined Adboard to be more involved with those programs and to help spread the word of upcoming events to other students who may otherwise never see a Krannert show during their time here. I’m looking forward to contributing to KSCA as the secretary this year and meeting new people in the process!

Katie Park / Event Coordinator

Freshman / Majoring in Biochemistry

Hello! My name is Katie and I’m thrilled to be a part of the arts here at U of I. Back in high school, I played in the orchestra (yay viola!) and worked backstage on musicals as part of the lighting crew. I really love the various concerts and plays at Krannert Center that we students have access to, and combined with my love for the arts, I want to spread this for everyone to enjoy and relax from their studies. I can’t wait to plan some great events!